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Don Dodds is the founder, managing partner and Chief Marketing Strategist at M16 Marketing. He is part strategist, part creative director, part technology leader, and part teacher. With a passion for creating success stories he and the team at M16 work with startups, small businesses and large organizations to help them better define their digital strategy, user experience, web design and digital marketing efforts. 

As a serial entrepreneur, Dodds has created several successful companies and has a keen understanding of how to create and scale a business using digital marketing. He serves on the CSU College of Business Board of Advisors and is a member of the Atlanta Business Chronicle Leadership Trust and a Forbes Agency Council member. In 2018 he was a featured contributor on 3 Amazon bestseller lists with Expert Profiles, Conversations with Influencers and Innovators.

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Minimalist Web Design

What is Minimalist Web Design Minimalism is taking over the internet. Countless websites, big and small, now use a minimalist web design. It revolves around the concept of less is more. Websites with a minimalist design feature fewer colors, links, font types, textures, buttons, template images, menus and other visual design elements than their counterparts. […]

What Webmasters Can Learn From Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines (QRG)

It’s no secret that Google uses an algorithm to rank websites. As its bots spider the internet, Google collects data on websites for use in its ranking algorithm. Google, however, often adjusts its ranking algorithm based on input from contracted workers. Known as quality raters, they evaluate the quality of websites using Google’s Quality Rater […]

How to Build Backlinks Using the Reverse Image Search Method

Building search engine-friendly backlinks can be a challenge. Backlinks tell search engines that other websites trust and like your site enough to link to it. If search engines believe a backlink was created strictly for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, however, they’ll typically discredit it. Backlinks used strictly for SEO purposes are considered artificial. Because […]

Google Passages: What Google’s New Algorithm Update Means for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google is about to give its ranking algorithm a makeover. During an October 2020 livestream, the company revealed a series of new algorithm updates, one of which is Passages. The Passages update will change how Google treats website content. Rather than indexing and ranking pages as a whole, it will look at individual sections of […]

Core Web Vitals: How to Prepare Your Website for Google’s Upcoming Algorithm Update

  Google is planning to roll out a massive update to its ranking algorithm in 2021. Known as the Core Web Vitals update, it revolves around user experience. Websites that provide a positive user experience, specifically in regards to speed, will rank higher than those than provide a negative experience. With the Core Web Vitals […]

Google Discover SEO: How to Optimize Your Website for Google’s Mobile Content Feed

Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) isn’t the only place where your website can organically rank; it can rank in Google Discover as well. Formally known as Google Feed, it reaches over 800 million mobile users each month, according to Google’s Sissie Hsiao. Mobile devices now account for the majority of internet traffic. As the […]

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