Responsive Web Design

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Why Is Responsive Website Design Important?

Responsive web design service @ M16 Marketing

52% of Web Searches are on Mobile Devices

The Atlanta-based responsive web design team at M16 designs and develops websites that are optimized for all major browsers and devices.

Google recommends responsive web design
because it:

  • Makes it easier for users to share and link to your content.
  • Helps Google’s algorithms accurately index your pages.
  • Requires less time to manage multiple pages for the same content.

Responsive Websites Increase Engagement

M16 designs responsive websites that increase SEO rankings and conversion rates.

We deploy customized, mobile friendly, UX design-driven websites built on WordPress, the world’s leading CMS.

Our hosting partner, WP Engine, is the leading WordPress digital experience platform for speed, scalability and security.

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What Can I Expect From M16’s Responsive Web Design Services?

Responsive Web Design Company Process1. Strategy: We help you refine the purpose of your website and put together a plan to achieve goals. We help you clearly define your unique value proposition.

2. Structure: Your target audience will determine the structure of your website. Our design features are consistent and easy to understand so visitors can navigate your site without confusion.

3. Content: We help you decide how many pages your website needs and the purpose of each page. Engaging headlines, useful information and calls to action are important to create success.

4. User Experience (UX): Good UX is defined by several factors including satisfaction with design style, colors, easy access to information, credibility, site speed and reliability so never sacrifice ease of use for fancy or unusual styles and layouts.

5. Target Audience: Know your audience, know what they want and know what they need. We complete a competitive analysis, review analytics and then determine the path forward.

6. On-Page Search Engine Optimization: We are extremely careful with on-page optimization. We diversify keywords and phrases and use them naturally. An over-optimized site will likely be pushed to the bottom of the search results.