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How the M16 Digital Marketing Agency Works

We combine S.M.A.R.T. strategy, optimization, and analytics to help you become profitable.




The art of planning and directing operations and movements in a business defines strategy.




The act of refining (branding, SEM, web design, content...) to improve efficiency defines optimization.




The result of money that is made in a business, after all the costs and expenses are paid defines profit.

Why M16 Marketing?

We understand that tactics (web design, SEO, social & PPC) are not effective without strategy.

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We're Google marketing experts

As a Google Partner, we've created success stories using our expertise in branding, responsive web design, SEO, adwords, social media, analytics and marketing automation.

We're your marketing partner

M16 starts every project with a joint strategy meeting where we review goals, project scope, and the tactical operations to connect with the targeted audience to produce a profit.
David Centeno Law Case Study
Strategy・Responsive Web Design・SEO・Analytics・ROI
David Centeno Law Case Study </ /> <h5>Strategy・Responsive Web Design・SEO・Analytics・ROI</h5> - Before
David Centeno Law Case Study </ /> <h5>Strategy・Responsive Web Design・SEO・Analytics・ROI</h5> - After


  1. Create a new brand identity for  the law firm
  2. Design a mobile optimized web presence
  3. Generate higher quality leads, track them and convert them
  4. Decrease the firm's expenses and increase the firm's revenue
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Created and implemented the law firm's new brand identity into a dynamic and responsive website. Optimized content to increase conversions and lower the CPA (Cost Per Action). Reduced over optimization of content, optimized on-page and off-page SEO and integrated marketing automation to solidify the client acquisition ecosystem.


Achieved page 1 ranking, higher volume of quality leads, increased traffic and higher conversion rates. In the first month after the site was relaunched revenue doubled with a 420% ROI. Annual revenue increased more than 250%.

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M16’s Atlanta Web Design Team Delivers on Mobile

Responsive web design is just the first phase of preparing a company for mobile readiness.

Understanding The Mobile First Paradigm

The mobile first paradigm, explained by the Atlanta web design team at M16 Marketing, is the idea that websites should be initially developed to accommodate people using mobile devices. Using the mobile first concept, mobile web design should only include items that mobile device users frequently utilize.

Why Sites Should Use Mobile First

Websites should use mobile first design because people using mobile devices to surf and shop on the web make up a huge market that is growing at an incredible pace. Designing a site specifically for those users makes more sense than attempting to accommodate them with a site designed for desktop users.

The Benefit of Using Mobile First

The major benefit of using mobile first is an improved customer experience. Since our Atlanta website designers are focusing on the needs of mobile device users, they are able to prioritize what’s included in a site’s design. A more streamlined, user-friendly mobile website is the result.

Inconveniences Caused by Not Using Mobile First

Companies that don’t take advantage of the mobile first paradigm potentially lose business every day because their competitors are surely taking advantage of it. The reality is that the mobile market, which is already huge, is rapidly growing, and companies should recognize this and respond accordingly.

Disadvantages of Using Mobile First

The mobile first paradigm does have drawbacks, but they are limited. First, when designing for the mobile device user instead of the desktop user, options are rather limited. Designers constructing a site for mobile devices must design with a smaller screen and fewer bells and whistles in mind. This limits what appears on the website.

Of course, the reality is that that mobile users are using small screens, and the additional bells and whistles only slow them down.  

How to Tell if a Site was Designed With or Without Mobile First in Mind

Sites designed without using the mobile first concept require the mobile user to manipulate his screen more often since the buttons and menus are too small to accurately click. Text may be hard or impossible to read without enlarging the screen.

On the other hand, sites designed using the concept make the mobile user’s experience streamlined and straightforward. The user has to do little, if any, zooming because buttons are already big enough to click, and text is large enough to easily read.

Not Going Anywhere

The mobile first paradigm is here to stay. It’s a simple concept that streamlines and enhances the mobile user’s experience. Like anything, it doesn’t come without its downsides, but its positives greatly outweigh its negatives. Companies looking to expand, or even maintain, their online presence should take the mobile first concept seriously and learn what it can do for them.

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