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Responsive Web Design Company SEO Secrets

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a modern web design technique that allows a website to respond to the specific type of device accessing it and deliver the proper output. 95% of the time M16 Marketing, well known as a leading responsive web design company, uses RWD to solve the web design challenges created by the proliferation of new tablets and mobile devices.

RWD makes websites look great on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones

However, no matter how great your site looks, if no one knows about your site you might as well not have one.

If you have a great website with a great product or service to sell, consider using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for improved business success. This online marketing tool makes websites more visible through search engines when web surfers conduct simple internet searches. It is a very strong and well recognized method for increasing traffic to your website. Search engines rank pages based upon the authority these pages have about searched topics.

SEO Secret Rule: 1

Great website content is one critical contributor if you want your site to appear in SERPs.

Your website will need to be relevant to searches. To get the best possible search results, you must have content that uses words or phrases that people commonly use when searching for your product or service. Search engines will rank you higher if you have quality content. Along with quality content, an equally important search engine optimization strategy is the use of appropriate keyword rich text.

SEO Secret Rule: 2

Keyword research for ranking opportunities is a great way to begin the SEO process.

To achieve a higher rank and to rank for specific keyword searches you need to be sure to use the words on your webpages. Remember that using relevant keywords ensures that your website can be found in search engines for words and phrases consistent with your site offerings. Another important tip is to use keywords in the form of phrases or questions to help your site be relevant to internet searches.

SEO Secret Rule: 3

Getting a website to work better with search engines requires using quality links.

Good search engine optimization means establishing quality external links to each page. Keep in mind that having fewer links from trusted sites can be much more beneficial that having tons of links from less reputable sites. Along with quality content, top ranking comes from establishing a solid external and internal link profile. Internal links help visitors navigate a site and pass credibility from one page to another.

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Remember to avoid keyword stuffing, which is the practice of overusing keywords. This approach is counterproductive and provides a less pleasing text to both site visitors and search engines. Also, be very careful to avoid spam when working to build your external links for your website.

Finally, be sure to update the content on your website to keep it fresh and inviting for potential customers. Adding new and relevant content will help to improve your ranking, and will increase the chances that visitors will frequent your site. While just a snippet into the world of search engine optimization, these tips are essential tools to optimize results.

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Atlanta web design company, M16 Marketing, provides unparalleled marketing expertise that increases ranking, conversions and revenue.

“Our responsive web design services and Atlanta SEO Services are optimimized to increase traffic, leads and conversions and provide a significant ROI for our clients.

One of our recent clients in Denver doubled revenues from 7 figures to 8 figures in less than 7 months after we redesigned their website and implemented their SEO. Another client in New York saw almost a 50% increase in conversions after we redesigned their website.

Having this kind of impact on a business’ bottom line is a clear validation that we not only love what we do but we are very good at it.”

Don DoddsManaging Partner and Chief StrategistM16 Marketing

Six Best Practices We Use For Successful RWD

1. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance
The old military adage is at the core of M16′s services. Most websites fail to produce success because of a fundamental lack of proper planning and proper execution.
2. Clickable Call to Actions
Take note that clickable is synonymous to tappable in the context of a mobile device. Buttons should be large enough to easily tap.
3. Vital Data Accessible in 2 Clicks
Place important buying and contact information in a prominent place on your website, ideally on the header.
4. Add Keyword Search Functionality
The availability of a keyword search serves as an effective way to naturally tempt users to take an in-depth look at your various webpages.
5. Trim the Content But Do Not Make It Invisible
Resize images via percentages, so they display based on screen size. Do not use pixel-based rendering. For text, prioritize only the most important information.
6. Produce Single Columns
The advantage of using single columns is the ability to easily scale from one device resolution to another.
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