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M16: The Atlanta SEO Company That Delivers:  

  1. SEO, short for search engine optimization, is the art and science of driving valuable organic traffic to your website to increase its search engine ranking and leads.

  2. On average, M16 Marketing is known for increasing conversions by more than 250% and decreasing bounce rates by more than 15%.

  3. Three primary SEO tactics including technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO continue to be the cornerstone for client success.

The SEO Strategy and Tactics Driving Growth:  

  1. Technical SEO focuses on a search engine’s ability to properly crawl and index your website.

  2. On-Page SEO focuses on the quality of a website’s content and its user experience.

  3. Off-Page SEO focuses on increasing backlinks from other websites to increase the authority of your website.

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Is your website working?

A Website Without SEO Is Like Expecting Your Car to Drive Without Gas


Imagine yourself buying a new car and never putting gas in it. How will you get from point A to point B? Your company’s website is like a car, and SEO is like the gas needed to power your car. As a leading Atlanta SEO (search engine optimizer), M16 provides you with premium digital fuel and is one of the best SEO companies to partner with.

Based on a search traffic study of 920 million web pages in Ahrefs Content Explorer, 90.88% of all pages get no search traffic from Google. That’s right… ZERO traffic! So, how can you avoid being part of the vast majority of web pages with no traffic? Make sure you choose the right SEO company to work with.

91 percent of pages get no organic traffic

Why M16 Marketing is The Best SEO Company to Work With

Atlanta SEO 250% average increase in conversions from M16 Marketing

With so many companies claiming to be the best SEO company it is difficult to know what the truth is. Choosing the right Atlanta SEO expert is critical to your business’s organic growth. The SEO team at M16 studies how leading search engines use robots to find pages for their algorithmic search results. Here’s what you need to know.

What Does an SEO Company Do?

SEO is a key digital tactic to help drive growth but no one should begin an SEO campaign without a digital marketing strategy. Strategy is important because it allows SEO to be effective. Ultimately, you want your site to be seen by more relevant people without a pay per click (PPC) fee.

M16 has a long history of SEO success and a proven SEO process that works. We plan, implement, execute, analyze, report and measure traffic, leads, conversions and keyword rankings. However, don’t get hung up with #1 rankings.

#1 Rankings May Not Matter

#1 rankings can mean very little if you are not ranking for the right keywords. Ranking #1 for a keyword that doesn’t help your business grow is useless. The best SEO companies know that SEO is evolving.

M16’s local SEO Atlanta team understands the importance of local listings, product listings, buyer intent and knowledge graphs.

Making the right technical and on-page enhancements to your website will help you creep closer to the coveted positions on the first page. Similarly, the right off-page SEO with quality backlinks can skyrocket your rankings.

SEO Success Is Not a Sprint

SEO is absolutely necessary but it is NOT an overnight solution. If you are a local business in Atlanta, a successful local SEO Atlanta strategy requires more local link tactics and geo-relevant brand mentions. Organic SEO is similar to local SEO but requires optimization for Google RankBrain.

It’s important to know that implementing an SEO program will take time and patience, but it will ultimately pay off significantly.

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How Long Will SEO Take to Rank My Website on Google Search Results?

While we know that every SEO client is unique, we’ve developed a proven system that works. M16’s Atlanta SEO consultants agree with leading SEO experts that SEO results take 4 to 6 months to see significant growth.

Below are general SEO guidelines to help you understand what we do.

Month 1 SEO

– The focus is on competitor research, keyword discovery, keyword strategy, a website audit and technical SEO. Our reviews management engine is set up.

Month 2 SEO

– Technical SEO continues based on the site audit results. We also dive deeper into content planning and other on-page SEO efforts.

Month 3 SEO

– Content development including work on FAQs, blogs, white papers, and services/products become the main priority. By the end of the 3rd month, we usually start to see search engine ranking results improve.

Month 4 SEO

– Continued content development, technical SEO and backlinks become the foundation for ongoing SEO success. By the end of month 4, you can expect increased rankings, traffic and leads.

Month 5 SEO

– Focused on evergreen content, conversion optimization, relevant leads and traffic growth.

Month 6 SEO

– Manage technical consistency, content promotion and content enhancements.

As we move from month 6 to month 12 and beyond expect to see increased valuable organic traffic, rankings, leads and revenue.

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M16’s Top Six Key Ranking Factors Driving Organic SEO and Local SEO

Keyword Research: Atlanta SEO Company experts @ M16 begin all search engine optimization efforts with keyword research and strategy to drive digital growth. Researching your target market’s keyword queries helps predict shifts in demand for products or services you are marketing. Targeting the wrong keywords will generate the wrong traffic with visitors who will quickly leave.

Content Development: Without high-quality content on your website, the rest of your SEO efforts will be all for naught. So how does M16 achieve high-quality content? We make sure that all the copy on your home and core pages is well-written, relevant, and highly descriptive. We include the keywords that you would like to rank for, however we never overuse your keywords.

Technical SEO: Technical SEO refers to 2 optimization techniques. The first allows a search engine to crawl a website for more information about a business, product or service. The second, called indexing, allows a search engine to add pages from your website to its search engine database. Site speed, optimized images, canonicalization, schema and well structured robot.txt files are among the most important technical aspects of SEO.

Social Media and Reviews: According to Moz, reviews are 8.4% of the SEO ranking pie. This means Google My Business reviews are absolutely essential to your business’s SEO rankings. The correlation between social media and SEO rankings is a little more obscure. Although correlation does not mean causation, more shares, likes, and comments leads to more traffic.

Backlinks: Backlinks remain one of the strongest ranking signals in Google’s search engine algorithm. A backlink is a link on another website that leads back to your website. Search engines see backlinks on high-authority domains as an indicator that your page also has the authority and will be relevant to viewers. Beware that backlinking can also work against you if your links are from irrelevant or low-quality blogs sites. Google knows, and they will penalize you!

Local SEO – Citations and Reviews: Local SEO is the art and science of optimizing a business’s visibility online for search queries targeting local audiences. This includes creating accurate business listings and citations for physical locations on multiple online directories. Like links to your website, Google uses them when evaluating the online authority of your business. Unlike links, citations don’t need to be linked to your business’ website for them to boost your SEO.

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