• $800/M
  • 1 to 13 Keywords
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Link Audit + Building
  • Search Console Setup
  • Analytics Setup
  • Title Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • On-page Copy Edits
  • Conversion Tracking
  • SEO Reports
  • $1300/M
  • 14 to 27 Keywords
  • Includes Level 1 SEO
  • Quarterly Meeting
  • Spam Management
  • .htaccess Optimization
  • Robots.txt Optimization
  • Schema Implementation
  • Google Review Growth
  • Duplicate Suppression
  • Local Citations
  • Social Reviews Mgmt
  • $2800+/M
  • 28+ Keywords
  • Includes Level 2 SEO
  • 4 Blogs Per Month
  • Semi Annual PR
  • Social Media Mgmt
  • Social Growth
  • Social Paid Growth
  • Social Optimization
  • Social Listening
  • Mailing List Mgmt
  • Digital Coupon Mgmt

SEO and social pricing are included above

PPC pricing is 15% to 30% of monthly budget

M16 Marketing has developed SEO pricing transparency guidelines and pricing plans to help business owners understand what they are paying for and to get an answers to their questions about their social media pricing and SEO pricing.

Your business could have the best website and product in the world, but if you’re not marketing it the right way your rank isn’t going to improve. By now most business owners understand that if your website isn’t showing up on Google, Bing or Yahoo, most people won’t even know you exist. See how our SEO services help clients grow.

SEO Highlights & Expectations

Atlanta SEO checklist

How to Choose the Right SEO Company

Since most businesses don’t have the time to learn about SEO and complete the necessary tasks to rank, there may be no choice but to hire a professional individual or company. Before you sign a contract see the 7 questions you must ask your SEO company before you hire them.

May I look at a list of your clients?

A good SEO company will often have nothing to hide when it comes to working on projects. While you can’t expect the company to provide sensitive data, they should be able to show you websites they have worked on in the past. If the company refuses to show you a list of companies, then it’s probably best to find someone else. Companies that often hide their customer list are usually up to no good.

How will you improve my ranking?

Every marketing agency will have unique strategies when it comes to ranking your website. Some may reach out to other bloggers to guest post, while others may focus on social media efforts. If the company can’t explain what they are doing, then it’s probably best to skip them as well. A good company will be able to draw up a marketing plan and discuss what they are going to do in detail.

Is success guaranteed?

If any SEO company claims they will guarantee a number one ranking, then this is something you’ll want to be very wary of. As that old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. A good company won’t make empty promises. If you ask any expert in the SEO industry, they will tell you that it’s impossible to tell you that your website will absolutely rank #1.

Do you work with local search results?

In the SEO world, companies will either work on a national, local level, or both. If you want them to rank your local bakery, then make sure they have local SEO experience. On the other hand, if you’re looking to rank an e-commerce store that you want the world to see, make sure they have experience working on a global scale.

Will you show me changes?

Most legitimate companies may have to make changes to your code or alter your website to get it to rank properly. However, with some companies, they won’t tell you this when they work on your website. Whenever a company makes any changes, it’s so important that they tell you. Before you choose a company, make sure they keep a log of every change they make.

How often will we communicate?

In the business world, communication is key. Before hiring a company, make sure you know how often they are going to communicate with you. Will it be daily? Weekly? Monthly? Aside from this, how will they communicate? Will it be via email? By telephone? The more details you can get, the more comfortable you can feel with the situation. Always choose a company that can satisfy your communication requirements.

What are your seo prices?

Some companies may charge by the hour, while others may charge by the project. Apart from this, they will charge a monthly retainer fee to make sure your ranking stays intact. With any business, make sure you know what you’re going to get charged ahead of time so that you’re not surprised with the bill in the end.

When hiring a professional, don’t rush into choosing the first company you come across. Since this company is going to be working for you, don’t be afraid to ask these questions. By doing so, you’ll be one step closer to a professional that can rank your website ethically.