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Web development refers to the building or maintaining of websites hosted on the internet. It involves programming languages, tools and frameworks, whether it’s referring to a single webpage or a full site.

In the world of development, web development is the king of platforms. Even with the rapid advancement to mobile development, web development is a vital tool for creating cross-platform apps.

What Is Web Development?

Web development has evolved over the years, but it’s ultimately about creating applications that run in a web browser. Many of these applications reside within a web server that renders CSS, HTML and JavaScript, but web developers use every major programming language to create web applications.

Web Design and Development

Web designers differ from developers in that they consider a client’s website objectives and use Information Architecture to determine a website’s information hierarchy. This guides the design process. Web designers can create wireframes and move to the design stage, which involves several design principles to achieve an aesthetically pleasing web layout with an excellent user experience.

These design principles include:

  • Balance: Web designers must create a balanced layout that maximizes the use of large and dark colors with small and light colors. The proportion of these values is imperative to creating a balanced website design.
  • Contrast: In color theory, contrasting colors are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Web design uses contrasting colors, sizes, shapes and textures to pull attention to different areas and encourage the user to take actions on the site.
  • Emphasis: Like contrast, emphasis is a design principle that uses highlighting to draw attention to important features or elements of the layout. Emphasis is best used sparsely to draw attention to only critical elements, rather than overloading the user.
  • Consistency: Consistency, repetition or rhythm is a vital design principle for positive user experience. Consistency in design principles is used for clean navigation to encourage users to take action and spend more time on your site.
  • Unity: Unity is the relationship between the different elements of the layout and the composition. Unity applies to how the human brain processes information visually by sorting it into categories.

Once the web designer works out the design, the web developer takes the design and builds a fully functioning website. They break up the design into its components and use HTML or another programming language approach to develop the website pages. In some cases, a web developer will use a content management system, or CMS, to streamline development and help clients maintain and update their website easily.

Web developers can convert a static layout into a dynamic website with image sliders and content sliders, active states for buttons or links and other interactive elements. In this respect, we can think of the web designer as the architect and the web developer as the construction contractor. Both play a vital role in the live site, but they represent different ends of the spectrum.

Both web designers and web developers have specialties as well.

Web designers specialize in:

  • User experience (UX): A UX web designer’s role is to keep the user engaged with the site. They craft a website that your audience will enjoy because they employ insights from the users’ demographics and needs, often conducting tests to fine-tune the site.
  • User interface (UI): A UI web designer improves the way the users interact with elements of your site or its interface. This is done by translating brand ideas and values into a website that’s easy to navigate.
  • Visual designer: A visual designer is a blend of both UX and UI. A visual designer works to improve the user journey with coding and creative skills and also solves design issues. Their primary role is to conceptualize the brand’s style and tone.

Web developers specialize in:

  • Back-end development: A back-end developer is an expert in programming and complex software languages, such as SQL, Java and C#. The back end is where the core structure of the website is designed. The work a back-end developer does isn’t visible to the end user, because it takes place on the web servers and databases. They work to create logical, functional websites.
  • Front-end development: A front-end developer, or client-side developer, is connected to the web designer. They use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create the designer’s elements and other elements that the user can see when they visit the site. The developers use coding skills to build interactive frameworks for the user.
  • Full-stack development: A full-stack developer works across the layers of a website, or stacks. They have the most comprehensive skill set in web development.

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The Value of a Great Website

How do you know whether you need a designer or developer? A designer is needed for jobs like designing a homepage layout, conceptualizing website branding or editing photos and videos. A developer is needed for creating contact forms, creating mobile apps and fixing server or hosting issues.

Building a website from scratch requires both a developer and a designer. The teamwork ensures that you have a site that functions properly, maximizes SEO, provides excellent user experience and is visually appealing.

When a prospective client searches for you on the internet, they form an instant impression of your business as the page begins to appear. Within seconds, they have an opinion that determines whether they move forward or click away and move on to other businesses.

A great website has the ability to impact your target market in many ways, including:

  • Capturing attention.
  • Establishing credibility.
  • Building trust.
  • Engaging users.
  • Supporting customers.
  • Generating leads.
  • Closing sales.
  • Increasing your profits.

As a marketing tool, a website is an incredibly valuable investment. Unfortunately, many businesses only work on their website as far as making it serve one or two purposes, instead of a complete strategy.

Like all other aspects of marketing, designing a great website comes down to understanding what the customer wants. From the moment a website begins to load, the user is looking for:

  • Simple layouts that are easy to follow.
  • Clean pages without irritating pop-up
  • Copy that is large enough to read but is not overwhelming.
  • Easy-loading pages with a natural flow.
  • Vibrant webpages with a modern look.
  • Fast load and response times.

If your website is lacking in these areas or it hasn’t been updated for several years, it’s likely not delivering on one or more of these customer expectations.

Websites also need to serve your needs as a business. Aside from what the customer expects, your site should also provide:

  • Easy navigation: Websites that present challenges to visitors will likely have a high abandonment rate. Intuitive, streamlined site structure persuades users to take the next step and offers user-friendly features and information along the way.
  • Great copy: In addition to the effectiveness of the actual copy on your site, it also needs to be provided to the user in a clear way. Call-to-action buttons should have clear directions to encourage the users, rather than making them guess what the next step is.
  • Bold colors: There’s method and psychology to what colors encourage focus, trust, action, etc. Your site should have the appropriate colors in the appropriate places to move users from one location to the next.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the practice of optimizing your website to display appropriately on all screen sizes and devices, such as tablets, desktops and smartphones. Google acknowledges three different configurations for building mobile sites, and responsive design is the recommended design pattern.

Responsive web design combines UX and UI to increase user engagement. This is built with insights from SEO experts to develop an engagement strategy to fuel growth. The result is enhanced site performance, targeted messaging and defined key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure a site’s performance.

M16 Marketing — Atlanta Web Design and Development Services

At M16 Marketing, we offer high-impact, responsive website design and web development services to address the needs of many industries and businesses.

Here are some of our services:

Enterprise Development

Enterprise development is the process of creating an application for use within an organization or for sale to an organization. Unlike consumer applications, enterprise applications are specifically designed to serve a need that’s relevant to the organization, such as inventory management or employee time logs. This is done to ensure your mobile employees are more effective in day-to-day tasks.

Enterprise applications may be developed to work within the existing infrastructure or may connect with an enterprise server, back-end server or another internal resource. Because an enterprise application may have access to sensitive information, it will need additional layers of security and a workspace, which is a secure container on the device that keeps the sensitive data encrypted and isolated from other data.

Your application can be equipped for e-commerce, enabling you to attain maximum results for your business. We provide solutions that help your business connect with target customers by implementing a strategy that integrates with effective design and execution. You can analyze the competition in your niche, and we’ll custom design your homepage, checkout page and product and service pages that combine user experience with high conversions. We can also integrate with third-party vendors, set up your online store and provide custom-made reports to monitor your progress.

Custom Web Application Development in ASP.NET

Excel spreadsheets are a thing of the past. They’re hard to share and mange, not to mention the concern with human error. A custom-built web application allows your staff to collaborate, report and automate tasks for accessibility anytime, from anywhere. You can also run your application on your intranet, fully protected by your own firewall.

With enterprise-grade software architecture, your web application will be a long-lasting investment. You’ll be prepared for future expansions and modifications that use the best practices and design patterns in the industry, giving you the option to add new features years down the line.

PHP Development

PHP is a popular server-side scripting language for the web that’s used all over the internet. It’s used to add functionality to websites that HTML alone can’t achieve, such as performing calculations, collecting user information and interacting with MySQL databases. It also works with cookies, which are used to identify a user and store the user’s preferences as a given on the site so they can revisit the site without re-entering the information each time. As the owner, you can retrieve the information to gain insights about your customers.


SharePoint is a development platform for SharePoint Framework, SharePoint Add-ins and farm solutions. The versatile development platform is useful for building components and solutions that address a wide range of needs, such as creating solutions to incite users to collaborate and help employees satisfy their tasks.

With the help of a SharePoint developer, you can ensure that you’re working with a reliable architecture that can change with the company’s scale or be custom developed for your own personalized solution. You can also customize features and add-ins to ensure the ideal user experience, and it fully integrates with existing enterprise systems.

If you’re ready for a new website, M16 Marketing can help. We’re a results-driven firm with a full-service team that focuses on attractive design with excellent user experience and maximum conversions. Contact us today to see how we can help your business succeed!

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