Annual Employee Review

Annual Employee Review

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Please rate the employee's performance in relation to their job responsibilities.
Summarize the employee's key achievements over the past year, including any completed projects, notable contributions, or milestones. Discuss how well the employee met their goals and targets from the previous review, and set new objectives for the upcoming year.
Highlight the employee's strengths, skills, and positive qualities that have contributed to their success and the success of the team/organization.
Identify any areas where the employee may need improvement or development. Be specific and provide examples where possible.
Discuss any training, development opportunities, or resources that could help the employee enhance their skills and address areas for improvement.
Provide specific examples of the employee's performance throughout the year. Use both positive feedback and constructive criticism. Focus on their accomplishments, teamwork, communication skills, and any instances where improvement is needed.
Outline the employee's goals and objectives for the next year. Ensure they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound). Discuss how these goals align with the team's and the organization's objectives.
Allow the employee to provide their comments and thoughts on their performance and the review process.
Summarize the review discussion, highlighting key points, action items, and areas of agreement or disagreement. Include any plans for follow-up and support.


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