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Hiring an experienced and proven PPC management team is one of the best ways to guarantee that your site is at the top of search engine results quickly.

Pay Per Click Management | PPC

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How Our PPC Management Works

Our PPC management team helps you reach potential customers who are looking to buy your products or services. Users will see different ads depending on search terms, time of day, location and search history.

M16 Marketing offers strategies that will help you make the most of your PPC advertising campaigns.

We Target a Specified Audience: It’s important to keep in mind who your business is trying to reach through PPC advertising. Put yourself in the shoes of the visitors you’re trying to target. Do the keywords and ad text draw you in? Do they give you useful information?

We Identify Keywords: Based on your business’s audience and goals, there are certain keywords that will be ideal to use for your PPC campaign. With M16’s keyword research, your PPC ads will be more effective in creating conversions. We’ll teach you how to identify keywords with strong performance and profitable conversion rates.

We Know How to Bid: After we know the appropriate keywords to use, you’ll need to bid on what you want to pay for a click on your keyword-loaded ad. If you bid the most, you might have the #1 ranking in the sponsored results. Lower bids on keywords result in low or zero ROI.

We Pay Attention to Your Quality Score: Your Quality Score can easily impact your ad’s ranking. Search engines will examine your ad, its performance and the quality of the page that the ad leads to. Based on what they find, search engines like Google will either increase or decrease the necessary bid amount for you to obtain a certain position.

We’ll help you build your history, place keywords in your ads and landing pages and focus your campaign so that you can use your Quality Score to your advantage.

We Adjust Your Ads: We never stop testing and adjusting your keywords and ads. We identify keywords with a low ROI and Quality Scores to reduce wasteful clicks. We add new keywords to extend reach, create new headlines with dynamic keyword insertions and experiment with different keyword matches.