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M16 Marketing is a leading healthcare marketing agency in Atlanta helping doctors capture new patients. Additionally, as one of the top medical marketing companies in Georgia, we also provide reputation management and work to keep current patients informed, engaged and feeling valued.

Medical Websites: Are They Worth It?

Your healthcare organization, whether it’s a small medical practice or a regional nonprofit, operates just like any business.

To be successful you must acquire new patients and retain existing patients. There is just a no better way to do so than with medical websites with strong SEO.

Medical websites are arguably the most critical for people searching for relevant health-related information online.

80% of internet users (93 million Americans) go online to learn about pertinent health topics.

A comprehensive medical website allows you to be in this space, to capture those users’ attention, and reap the following additional benefits:

• Greater communication of your practice’s medical services, mission, and location.
• Better, streamlined patient services with downloadable patient forms.
• Integrated CRM solutions that allow repeat patients to log-in and view appointments, medication information and more.
• Become a thought leader by having an accessible platform to provide accurate, up-to-date information regarding time-sensitive health information. Think… alerts for seasonal vaccines, warnings of geo-pertinent diseases (think of the spread of Zika) and how to protect against them and more.
• Robust website design also enhances your professional image among colleagues, a key referral base.

Even the smallest of physician offices will benefit from a comprehensive website with modern tools.

We Make Healthcare Providers Visible on the Web

The ways that people seek information about healthcare providers are rapidly changing. More than ever before, people use Google to discover information about health issues and healthcare providers.
Is your healthcare service showing up online to potential patients? Use these three marketing strategies to help your healthcare service get found on the Internet.

We Use Effective Keyword Strategy on Your Website

Keywords are words or terms that are commonly searched on Google. To determine which keywords you should use on your webpages, think about the phrases that your potential patients might search for.

For example, as an Atlanta plastic surgeon, you would want to incorporate keywords like “Brazilian butt lift”, “vagina rejuvenation” or “breast augmentation” throughout your webpages to make sure that people searching for those terms will find your practice.

It’s also important to include your locale in your webpages, as most people search for services available near their location. Using keywords can make every webpage a home page.

We Create Compelling Content that Drives Patient Growth

Create blog posts for your website that offer useful and valuable information to potential patients. Blog posts are another important place to use keywords.

Many people search for symptoms online. A good place to start blogging is by posting information about diseases that your practice treats. At the end of the blog, direct readers to schedule an appointment with you for professional treatment.

You can begin building relationships with potential patients by providing useful information online. With a little time and creativity, you can establish an excellent online reputation for your healthcare service and draw more patients to your practice.

We Partner with Leading Media Resources for Press Releases

Another way to increase your web presence is to distribute news releases online. Online news wire services can be a good way to send news about your practice all over the internet.

You should also include news releases as a part of your website, and release them on social media. The more places you publish your news, the wider your audience will be.

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