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What Is Branding?

Branding is the art and science of telling a story through your brand’s look, feel and customer interactions.

When a customer sees your business what will their first impression be? What is the story your customer sees in your logo?

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Frustrated About Branding?

One of the biggest decisions your company will make is who you want your target market to be.

If you remember nothing else about branding, remember that you can’t be everything to everyone.

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The Difference Between A brand, a logo and an Identity

Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles but must well together.


perceived emotional corporate image


visual aspects that form part of the brand


a mark or icon that identifies a business

A company without a strong brand has no future

We help brands define their purpose, personality, values and story.


  • 1

    Brand Purpose

    Your company’s “why”; the greater impact it wants to have, or difference it wants to make, beyond “selling stuff.”

  • 2


    Your company’s distinct and identifiable place within its competitive set.


  • 3

    Value Proposition

    The tangible benefits of your company’s offerings; how you solve customers’ problems.

  • 4

    Brand Promise

    The one thing you want people to know and remember; the correlation you want your audiences to make with your brand.


  • 5

    Brand Essence

    A short mantra that captures the soul or essential nature of your company; its internal rallying cry.

  • 6

    Brand Personality

    What makes your brand unique and distinct from its peers and competitors (just like human personality).


  • 7

    Brand Values

    The values your company must honor in order to carry out its purpose, be true to its essence and express its personality.

  • 8

    Brand Story

    The story that best helps audiences understand, and relate to, your company, and is told through your marketing and the subtle signals your company sends in how it does business.


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What Is the Perfect Brand for Your Customer?

Some brands, like Coca-Cola, seem to have found some union of human desires that creates a strong and desirable brand across the world. Many people say it’s because they sell happiness. But Coke isn’t just happiness.


The Dream of Brand Perfection

Brand tracker, Interbrand, consistently ranks Coke at or near the top of its brand rankings, up there with brands like Apple and Samsung. In 2018, they valued Coca-Cola’s brand equity alone at 66 billion dollars.

Coca-Cola couldn’t do that with happiness alone. Coke is a whole system of values wrapped up in a simple, but expressive brand. Coke is history and authentic happiness. Even its logo’s old-fashioned, elegant design reminds customers of a bygone era. Unlike second-run player Pepsi, Coca-Cola isn’t just a party. Coke’s marketing pulls at the heart-strings and it targets people of all ages.

Your Brand Must Solve a Problem

To find the right balance for your brand, we examine your target market as a problem to be solved. Who is your perfect customer and what is the story they want to hear? How will your brand fit into their lives?

Whether you run a small store, a growing startup or a major company, there is a place for your product and services, but only if you understand what your customers want to see in your brand.

We Imagine, Design and Engineer Brands

Below are 3 examples of small business brands we’ve engineered.

Branding color masters

ColorMasters is a leader in flexible packaging products.

Branding David Centeno

new york lawyer branding

Attorney Centeno is a leading Dallas divorce attorney.

Branding Whitecap

Whitecap provides strategic planning for health systems.

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