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Google Penguin penalizes sites for keyword stuffing and link building schemes.

Google Panda penalizes sites for duplicate content, low quality and poor content.

Seven Vital Factors For Your Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important aspects of marketing a website is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the process where a website is marketed via search engines to increase its ranking position. It includes both on-site and off-site factors. This process is based on the premise that search engines want to provide their clients with the most relevant and useful results in response to a query. If you remember this fact, the following SEO elements will seem reasonable.

Head Section Tags and Content

The Head section in HTML is one of the most important aspects of a web page with regards to SEO. The Title tag contains the text a user clicks on when viewing search engine results. It should be considered as the page document title and include about 65 to 70 characters depending on the text. These should include keywords relevant to the page content. The Description tag contains the informative text viewed below a link in search engine results. It is recommended to keep the number of characters between 150 and 160.

Body Section Content

The Body section contains the page content visible to the user. It must include both quality content and quantity, for example 500 words. The text should contain keywords used frequently but naturally in paragraphs and section Header tags, Image tags and Hyperlink tags.

Social Networking

If a website is important and useful, search engine developers assume that it will be mentioned on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Part of your SEO strategy should include social media integration and social sharing.

Recognition as an Authority Website via Content

Search engine users want to find websites that meet their needs and provide good quality information on their query subject. This quality and depth of information is not likely to be provided by a website with 5 pages. If there is little competition on the relevant keywords from other websites, then your site might appear in the search engine listings. If there is a lot of competition however, your website will be regarded as trivial. In order to rank well your website should have in-depth information.

Recognition as an Authority Website via Links

Like social media, if your website is an ‘authority’ for a topic, other websites will have links to it. Search engines look for these links when ranking a website. The ranking position will be higher if the links are from websites related to your own topic area and from websites that are themselves viewed as ‘authority’ websites.

Length of Time the Website has been Online

Search engines are wary of placing too much credence on new sites. Websites are frequently promoted enthusiastically in an initial flush of enthusiasm and then forgotten about. A website needs to have an established presence over a reasonable period of time to be taken seriously by search engines. This might be considered a passive form of SEO, but is important.

Update Frequency

Search engines look at the frequency with which sites are updated. These updates should include the development of new web pages, the addition of content to existing pages and the amendment of content on existing pages. This indicates that the website is fresh and up to date, rather than stale and unloved.

SEO is not a one-time feature that is bolted on to your website, but an ongoing process that demands time and effort. If you actively maintain and develop your website using appropriate keywords, search engine optimization success will be the natural and unavoidable consequence. View SEO prices.

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