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How Google’s Algorithm Updates Affect SEO

local seo - google panda

Google Panda penalizes sites for plagiarism, duplicate content and poor content.

local seo google penguin

Google Penguin penalizes sites for keyword stuffing and link building schemes.

local seo google pigeon

Google Pigeon penalizes non-mobile friendly websites and NAP inconsistencies.

local seo google hummingbird

Google Hummingbird penalizes poor content and exact match keyword targeting.

7 Vital Planning Factors For SEO Success

Head Section Tags and Content: The head section in HTML is one of the most important aspects of a web page with regards to SEO. The title tag contains the text a user clicks on when viewing search engine results. These should include keywords relevant to the page content. The description tag contains the informative text viewed below a link in search engine results. It should be a paragraph long and include keywords.

Body Section Content: The Body section contains the page content visible to the user. It must include enough relevant text, for example 500 words. Search engines, like Google, want to provide users with the best and most substantive text. We create and/or optimize content to use keywords in a natural way. We include them in paragraphs, section header tags, image tags and hyperlink tags.

Social Networking: If a website is important and useful, search engine developers reckon that it will be mentioned within social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Part of your SEO promotion strategy should include building a social media presence for your site. Refer to it in Tweets and Facebook messages, and make sure to provide links to your social media profiles.

Recognition as an Authority Website via Content: Search engine users want to find websites that meet their needs and provide good quality information on their query subject. This quality and depth of information is not likely to be provided by a website with thin content. If there is little competition on the relevant keywords from other websites, then your site might appear in the search engine listings. If there is a lot of competition however, your website will be regarded as trivial. For your website to have a good ranking position in search engine listings it must have in-depth and quality content.

Recognition as an Authority Website via Links: If your website is an ‘authority’ website for a topic, other websites will have links to it. Search engines look for these links when ranking a website. The ranking position will be higher if the links are from websites related to your own topic area and from websites that are themselves viewed as ‘authority’ websites. We help you establish a wide range of incoming links over time including local citations. “A citation is an online reference to your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP). Like links to your website, Google uses them when evaluating the online authority of your business.”

Local Citations and Reviews: Online business citations are critical to your business success. Customer reviews are a quick visual representation of your business and online reputation. Lack of exposure, negative reviews, and conflicting or old business name, address and phone number (NAP) information hurt your business and your search engine ranking. We create and manage hundreds of local citations and online reviews as part of our ongoing SEO.

Technical SEO: Site speed optimization, optimized images, using a CDN for static images, canonicalization of URLs, structured data markup, site information architecture, URL redirects, XML sitemap and robot.txt files are some of the many technical aspects of SEO that we’ve mastered in order to achieve high Google rankings.

Without optimizing your site’s code, content, pagespeed, authority links and social networking your SEO efforts for increased traffic, higher ranking and more conversions will be wasted.