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As a top Atlanta SEO company, the #1 request our Atlanta SEO team gets is to improve a website’s SEO ranking.

SEO ranking refers to your website’s position on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Ranking #1 means that when a user searches for a particular term, your web page is the first, organic (non-ad) result.

Whether you need organic SEO or local SEO in Atlanta, on average, we increase conversions by more than 250%.

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Organic SEO vs Local SEO

Organic search focuses on search engines where the searcher is looking for information not related to a specific location.

Local SEO, however, focuses on search engines where the searcher is looking for information in a specific location.

When used together correctly both local SEO and organic SEO help to improve a website’s rankings, traffic and conversions.

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atlanta seo company report card

SEO report card

Key Factors That Drive SEO Success

Atlanta SEO Company Process

Head Section Tags and Content: One of the most important aspects of a web page is the title tag. It is the text a user clicks on when viewing search engine results and should include keywords relevant to a page’s content. Additionally, the description tag contains the especially relevant text below the title in search engine results.

Body Section Content: The Body section contains the page content visible to the user. Search engines want to provide users with the best and most substantive text. It is important to use keywords in a natural way in paragraphs, header tags, image tags and hyperlink tags.

Social Networking: Part of your SEO strategy should include building a social media presence for your site. Refer to it in tweets and facebook posts.

Recognition as an Authority Website via Content: Search engine users want to find quality websites that meet their needs. Quality content is key to developing website authority.

Recognition as an Authority Website via Links: Search engines look for links from other websites. If the links are related to your subject and also viewed as ‘authority’ websites your website rank will be higher.

Local Citations and Reviews: Lack of exposure, negative reviews and conflicting name, address and phone number (NAP) information hurt your search engine ranking. Local citations and online reviews must be created and managed as part of SEO.

Technical SEO: Site speed, optimized images, canonicalization of URLs, schema markup and well structured robot.txt files are among the most important technical aspects of SEO.