WiFi Marketing

Frand® WiFi is the smartest, fastest and most secure way to share your WiFi, build relationships and generate revenue.

How Frand® WiFi Marketing Works

WiFi Marketing is critical to your WiFi network. From apartments to hotels, airports, restaurants, retail stores or fitness centers, M16 Marketing’s technology delivers a relationship building, revenue generating solution.

Transform your WiFi network from an IT expense into a revenue generating opportunity.

Frand® WiFi vs Industry Standard WiFi

Social Frand WiFi ‘Industry Standard’
Connect to WiFi via Facebook and Google+
(Twitter, Instagram, Phone# or Email options are available)
Drive social proof growth and reviews YES NO
Social growth automation YES NO
Social media viral distribution of mobile coupons YES NO
Email Lists & CRMs Frand WiFi ‘Industry Standard’
Demographic data capture from social logins YES NO
Sync data with mailing lists like MailChimp and Constant Contact YES NO
Save or export your list of contacts in CSV or XLSX YES NO
Import your list for use with CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot and more YES NO
Track emails sent and read rate YES NO
Data and analytics Frand WiFi ‘Industry Standard’
Today’s New Guests YES NO
Total Guests YES NO
Today’s Connections YES NO
Total Connections YES NO
Average Connections Per Guest YES NO
Most Recent Connections YES NO
Top Guests YES NO
Gender Demographics YES NO
Age Demographics YES NO
Device Demographics YES NO
Visit Duration YES NO
Peak hours and days YES NO
Device usage and guest usage YES NO
Connection method YES NO
WiFi Marketing Frand WiFi ‘Industry Standard’
Triggered rules based email messaging YES NO
Ad server integration YES NO
Mobile coupon creation  YES  NO
Mobile coupon distribution YES NO
QR code integration YES NO
Collective reporting for multiple locations YES NO
Security Frand WiFi ‘Industry Standard’
Secured data in compliance with legal requirements YES NO
Encryption on all traffic YES NO
Bandwidth limiting per user YES YES
Port blocking YES YES
Traffic Proxy Frand WiFi ‘Industry Standard’
URL logging YES YES
Content filtering ** YES YES
Traffic limits YES YES
Administration Frand WiFi ‘Industry Standard’
Captive portal editing YES NO
Flag and block users YES NO
Manage bandwidth YES NO
Remote network creation YES NO
Remote access AP addition YES NO
Remote Access point reset YES NO
Zero touch deployment and configuration YES NO