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Many businesses know exactly what they want from a digital marketing agency. Others might be unsure. It is common for businesses to understand they need help with online marketing, but don’t know the right path they should take.

For a digital marketing agency, offering a number of different services ensures we cater to a broader field of businesses, while also providing comprehensive digital marketing services for anyone requiring it. The following list of services should be enough to cover the needs of most enterprises seeking help with their online marketing.


SEO is at the heart of search engine marketing, with a prime ranking of high importance to businesses. Local businesses will be particularly interested in SEO as there are a limited number of spots in the local pack and most keyword rankings are more achievable than the comparative global terms. However, if businesses are committed to organic SEO or local SEO, they will need to understand that it can be a lengthy process that requires long-term dedication.

Paid Advertising

There is a natural concern about using paid search advertising. Anyone unfamiliar with the process of running ads on Google, Facebook, and other platforms can see their campaigns running out of control. Most campaigns will not be profitable immediately, with skill involved in optimizing ad copy and landing pages. Letting a qualified agency run paid advertising campaigns is a clear decision for many businesses.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become increasingly sophisticated over recent years, but the results for a business can be impressive. There are a number of popular sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, meaning you need to develop a plan to provide content and increase engagement. There has also been a growing requirement to pay for social ads to increase reach, so businesses will often choose to hand over social media marketing responsibilities to an agency.

Content Marketing

It has become harder for many forms of advertising to cut through with audiences. Content marketing, though, can still offer a high ROI as it provides value to consumers. Audiences can engage with the content and then be led towards an action. This action could involve consuming more content, joining an email list, or even making an immediate purchase.

Web Design

If a business is looking for help with search engine marketing, web design can often be a natural addition to a package. You may be able to successfully generate traffic to an existing website, but it won’t help if the site fails to convert. While web design can provide a modern and attractive site, it also needs to be set up to bring customers into the business. Many businesses have beautiful websites, but they have focused too heavily on design and not enough on sales and conversions.

Website Maintenance

Developing a quality website is important, but it needs to be updated and maintained to consistently bring visitors in. This maintenance can involve adding new blog posts, updating images, and possibly operating an e-commerce store. Additionally, as an agency, M16 Marketing uses tracking and analytics tools to monitor visitor behavior and improve the user experience. You could also expand this service to include social media content updates.

As an Atlanta based digital marketing agency, we also provide services in every state and can adequately cover all the bases of online marketing to help you build your customer base.

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